Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who knew the Laundromat could be so interesting...

So before even thinking about what I want to write, my blog decided to change to Italian, so that was interesting trying to find out how to post a new entry... Now that is settled, here we go!

We started classes yesterday (Monday), I am not sure if I am excited or not to have Italian everyday. It scares me to think about, however it will be a lot better when I can walk down the street and not feel like being deaf would be a better solution. It is slowly getting better, if I could just press a real life remote and rewind what Italians say to me then play it in slow motion I would get a long a lot better in this country. My goal: to write a paragraph on here within the next month in Italian. None of you will understand it but it will make me look good. Enough about that class I am also taking the Roman Achievement, Comparative Media, and our Practicum. What is amazing about having classes here is instead of reading about a sculpture in a textbook or "googling" it we walk across a few piazzas and see them for ourselves. When we talk about Rome and how it was founded and the Empire in which it was created we literally hop on a train to Rome and see it for ourselves. There is no better way to experience life and learn how we got to where we are today. SO moral of the story, books are over rated, just hop on a plane and see it for yourself, or you will never fully appreciate it.

So far the main things that I miss about home is the connivence of food and TV. There are millions of amazing things to eat here, you just have to know where to look. At home it is so easy to get any kind of cuisine that you are craving. I never knew people could be so creative with food until I started living with my roommate Nora. This girl can whip anything out of nothing and I just stare at her creations in awe. I don't even have to ask for a bite anymore I think she automatically knows I want to try whatever she is eating. She definitely shows up my classic grilled cheese but adding little twists to hers such as adding a tomato before grilling. Half of my problem is probably the fact that I can't read the labels that are at the grocery store because it is all in Italian. I stick with the trusty brands such as Kraft or Uncle Ben, who cares if I am paying 10$ for a 5oz bottle of ketchup, I know it will taste fantastic. I don't think I will get tired of the food here, I could live off pasta, pizza and calzones. Another area we are tapping into is big "family" dinners. Every Sunday we all cook together and then a few nights a week just the girls get together and whip up something fantastic. Last night it was Italian Mac & Cheese. The cheese that was in it smelled to high heaven but it tasted really good. We grilled up some fresh veggies to go with it and of course bread to dip in olive oil, our favorite. And of course all of meals are not complete without some kind of dessert wether it be a croissant baked at one in the morning or ones we buy from the store.   

Now to the TV situation. I have turned on the TV here one time just to see what it was like and the only station in English was MTV and it was the show Made in English with Italian subtitle, so I was practically doing homework while simply rotting my brain. It would not even be bad if websites such as HULU and my Netflix subscription worked in Europe. However, I need to get over this TV obsession I have because there are so many amazing things here to do besides watch TV but it would be nice to know it at least works. That just means when I get home in May the first 5 days I am there I will be sleeping and watching all the shows I am hoping/praying my family did not delete. 

This weekend we are going to Pisa and Siena by train. This is what I have been waiting for, traveling. I can't wait to go other places in Italy and Europe to see what they are all like. I love it here in Florence but it is just as exciting as leaving Ohio for the weekend, you just need a little break. Also, right now with the sale season "Salde" this city on the weekends is so unbelievably busy, one would think they were giving away free clothes or something. It will be a good break to go to the country and away from all the crazy shoppers. This weekends extravaganza is just the beginning of the travels we are taking a part in this semester. This list is comprised of the places I am going. Hopefully I can make it to all of them!

21st of January = Pisa/Siena
28th of January = Sorrento
4th of February = Tessa's Familys
11th of February = Paris
18th of February = Switzerland
25th of February = Roma
4th of March = Milano
11th of March = Germany
17th of March = Ireland
21st of March = Greece
1st of April = Barcelona
8th of April = Venezia
14th of April = London
22nd of April = Cinque Terre

This looks like a pretty good way to spend the semester I must say.

Another fun thing my roommates and myself like to do is frequent the laundromat. It is right down the street from our apartment and the fact that we don't have a dryer in the apartment makes it 10X easier to wash and dry clothes. We no longer have to live with crusty jeans and wet socks. That is a fantastic feeling. I am also sure that the Italians who use the same laundromat appreciate us doing our Italian homework and practicing counting to 25. We have to be the highlight of their day, or maybe the reason they don't like Americans? I will have to get back to you on that one! 

TaTa for now!

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