Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free limoncello I will take it!

Here is another post everyone!

Not to many things have happened since the last time I updated. We started orientation with school and they are teaching us the ins and outs of the city. Where to go, where not to go. Etc... Pretty much the same common sense you would use in the states so nothing too different. However we did hear how easy it is to be offered drugs, so that was interesting. The medical doctor came and talked to today about where to go if we are sick and it is pretty close to the school which is nice. The even make "house calls" if you want to pay that much money! lol

I will admit I am getting a little bit homesick but I am working through it and it is getting better each day. Only 51 days until my Mom comes to visit! I keep telling everyone that I am with that they have to remember where we ate and did everything so I can take my mom and grandpa with me when they come!

We have started planning all of our trips for the weekends. This weekend we are going to explore Florence and really get to know the city. We want to go to the top of the Duomo and see the view of the city from there, it is supposed to be beautiful. Then the following weekend we are going to Sienna and Pisa. I can't wait to start traveling and see more of the country. I can't believe I have been here for a week already! It has actually flown by, which I didn't think it was going to at first.

Well here are a few pictures to leave you with. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING is fresh here! I mean everything, you will see for yourself...

Chio everyone!!

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