Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pisa, Puffy Coats and Pizza

I can't believe I have been here for over two weeks already. It is FLYING by. After sitting in the apartment the first few nights I didn't think I was going to be able to make it thru the next 4 months without my family here with me but after getting over the homesickness with a few amazing people here to help me I did it. I successfully made it through the first week without having a mental breakdown. And now being here for a few weeks I wonder how I ever thought I couldn't do this. This is the best opportunity I have been given so far and I am so lucky.

Sorry for the deepness of that last paragraph but it was something I needed to share!

This week was full of class and the typical "syllabus week". We learned what we were going to be doing for the semester and when all of our tests/papers were due. Not the most exciting week out of the semester but it is necessary I guess. We ate at the apartment a lot more this week which was good because we didn't spend as much money eating out. I am becoming the world's best pasta/frozen pizza/dried soup maker. Who knew it was so easy to make meals at home?! Don't get me wrong I still love to eat out here because the food is all so amazing. Speaking of great places to eat out, we were all craving some form of chipotle and we found this place called Mesopotamia Kebabs. The burrito consisted of gyro meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and gyro sauce. While eating that mess of goodness I am pretty sure I died and went to heaven.

Also talking about eating out reminds me of the past two days. Yesterday we went to the Medici Village and saw the house they lived in, OMG it is beautiful. If only I could live in one of those palaces I would be set for life. Anyway, after returning from the bus ride there we had to go to the train station to purchase our tickets for Pisa (which we visited today). After we bought our tickets there we were famished. So a few of us set out to find a new place we have not tried yet. Where do we end up? A chinese restaurant! It was fantastic, I had (and this is where no one can judge me), sesame chicken, white rice, and spring rolls. THEN we found the McDonalds. Of course we had to try it to see if it tasted the same. I got a small fry and a small coke. Not to bad I guess but I was sooooo full! It was very worth it though. The rest of friday night we just hung out at the apartment.

Today we went to Pisa. It was very quaint, nothing spectacular, but worth going. It is somewhere you have to visit while are in Italy. The Leaning Tower believe it or not really does lean. I mean I knew it was going too, but it was totally different seeing it in person. I have no idea how it does not fall over, its so weird to look at. Back to the food. When we first got to Pisa we were all hungry (go figure) so we stopped at a little bakery and I had a croissant. After we saw the tower we decided to eat at a little restaurant that a guide book recommended. I had spaghetti with tomato sauce, not anything too spectacular, but it was good. Then we were going to go shopping but all the stores were closed for their lunch break. I wish Victoria's Secret had 2 hour lunch breaks where our store was closed! So after we discovered that they were all closed we stopped at another bakery and I got a little cream filled doughnut and a cream filled coconut, chocolate bar. And I am sure you all think this is all that was consumed in my belly within a 3 hours period but you are so wrong! We then stopped at a gelato shop and I had Lemon and Strawberry gelato. Now that it has been 5 hours I am kinda hungry again. I will say though with all the walking we do in a day I need all the food I am eating. I should probably add a salad or veggies in there somewhere but the other stuff is just too tasty!

Enough about all the food, it is making me hungry again. Now on to the weather. When I was packing up my life into my two suitcases I was thinking to myself "it is not going to be cold there, no need to pack a winter coat". Boy was I wrong. It may not snow but the wind that whips through this ancient city is unbearable. So the Columbia jacket that I packed for my "winter coat" was just not cutting it anymore. So in-lies the hunt for a winter jacket. My conclusion about Italians and their pea-coats, they are all a size two and none of them have boobs. I am pretty sure I tried on every single coat that was for sale in Pisa and Florence. Not one of them fit. They were all too tight in the shoulders and did not button across the chest. That was so disappointing. Now let me tell you about a trend that is here in Europe. They are called Piumonios. AKA: Puffy Coats. One can buy them short, medium, long, with/without hoods, shiny/not shiny. They are everywhere. That is on indication that you are a true Italian, if you were wearing that coat. I was so against buying one because I though I would look ridiculous in it, my body has enough puff already. I was wrong again. We stepped into this store down the street from the train station, and there it was my very own grey, long, non shiny puffy coat. It was almost calling my name off the rack saying, "Meghan, buy me, buy me!". So I did. It was the best 30 Euro I have ever spent. It is warm and I no longer have to freeze my ass off walking everywhere! Sweet success.

Sorry for the novels about everything I am doing with my life. I like details.


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